About Bayou Savage

Dr. Dean Russell is a writer and works as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant. He is also the former Quality Director of a medical device company with revenues of 350 million annually and COO for a wealth management group. He provides life-changing and challenging seminars; keynote addresses and breakout sessions! He is currently President of Executive Performance and Solutions, Inc. implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) for business owners with six-plus employees. He is a certified lead auditor for the ISO 9000/13485 Series/1400 Series with the status of RAB Quality Management System –Auditor, and American Society for Quality - Certified Quality Auditor. He uses the ISO/Baldrige quality models as the primary instrument in the installation of Quality and Environmental Systems. He was certified as a lead auditor from British Standards Institute through Georgia Institute of Technology and Quality Systems Development. Dr. Russell is also a certified (APT) Myers-Briggs/DiSC Behavioral Type Indicator Facilitator/ Administrator, and specializes in Industrial Organization Psychology and developing Quality Improvement Services. His experience in consulting has been among diverse groups as Department of Defense, BMW, Delta Airlines, Preferred One, Medtronic, Polaris, and St Francis. He conducts workshops for the American Society for Quality. The result is stimulating presentations, which challenge audiences to think. His hobbies of music, magic, and writing keep him busy. His love of laughter and making friends are contagious and there is always a whirl of activity wherever he is. He is the co-creator, along with Chase Walker, of the Bayou Savage, Guitar Ghost Fighter series. He is also completing a book called "Entitlement, the Art of Being A Successful Parasite!" and "Optimizing Your Paranormal Adventure, Have You Ever Seen A Ghost... Do You Want To?"


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