Chase and I have been working on this book III for a few years.  Its the final chapter in the Bayou Savage, Guitar Ghost Fighter Series.  The book is basically done, meaning we have too many pages and need to trim it down to a reasonable amount.  We love the beginning and the ending.  Its the middle we are still working on.

I started this dream in 1974.  Playing guitar on stage with lots of smoke machine going off playing Whole Lotta Love by Led Zepplin.  In the midst of the scary part of the song, the smoke looked like ghosts surrounding me.  When I played the lead guitar kick back in lick, it felt like a power moment where I was actually killing ghosts.  Ok maybe a little buzzed at the moment, but I never forgot the memory.  In 2001 I started writing, finished the book, then met the best dude in the world Chase Walker.  Chase is a kick-ass musician and copy editor.  He saw my vision and really helped bring it to life in a coherent way, action and humor.

Can’t wait to get this book finished, think you will love it.

Dean Russell