Dean and Chase’s Fantasies

First, we would love to have Bayou Savage turned into a video game. We think it plays out well in that format. Ghosts, ghost-killing guitars, Clint Eastwood like bad-asses and lots of great effects. We thought about doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project, but didn’t do so, lacking the expertise.

We thought about having Bayou turned into a graphic novel. We both love the idea. We thought about having Bayou as a steam punk graphic novel.

Our ultimate fantasy would be to have Robert Rodriguez (Desperadoes movie) turn it into a kick-ass bad ass action movie. He could do it, he is the the best director for this genre. (OK Shane Black would be our back up!)

We thought about having the Bayou book be changed into different countries adopting the cultures but keeping the action.

If anyone out there can help us with any of these fantasies please let us know. We have met lots of people who love music and love the paranormal, there is an audience waiting for these. Please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, especially is you are an angel investor, we are open to all.

— Dean and Chase