Welcome to the Bayou Savage series of tall tales
Guitar ghost fighters, ghouls, demons and fighting the legions from hell

Imagine guitar ghost fighters, sci fi, paranormal adventures blended with electrifying rock and roll!

The Savage family of Guitar Ghost Fighters of Razor, Bayou and Mist along with Quirk, Leslie Quinn and the Ghost Defense Institute are back!  Locked in mortal combat with the Magi and his legions from hell.

The prison doors have opened and the blood thirsty souls are ready for revenge.

What’s left of the world, from the Religious Wars of 2012?

Formidable psychic, Leslie Quinn, unrestricted by conventional dimensions, has led Razor Savage, Quirk and Mist to the ghost fighting battlefield.

Follow us now into an unknown world of phantoms, paranormal fiends, a mystical guitar talisman and the ghost warriors that have come to save the planet.

Will the guitar ghost fighters’ succeed?